Vins Boutique is an online shop specialising in jewellery and accessories. Over the years (since 2006) we've tried various product lines and what really did work and still to date has maintained Vins Boutique is our collection of stud earrings, which are perfect for everyday wear.


We've sourced various suppliers, and after much thought, we decided to launch our Handmade collection (if anything good is to come out of 2020) allowing us to unleash our creativity after being dormant for a few years. We've loved curating these mini delight as well as launching Letterbox Gifts, because lets face it, going to the shop, is not as easy as it used to be and now more than ever, small businesses like ours is getting more support from customers like you, so THANK YOU!


We hope you like our collection, and do follow us on our social media to stay up to date with what's new at Vins Boutique.  You will find our social icons towards the bottom of the website.

Bhuvinder x

Enjoy your shop with Vins Boutique.

Bhuvinder x